VA CLE Plans Four Video ReplaysOf Seminar Examining Power Trial Method

Virginia CLE this month will offer video replays in four locations of a CLE seminar titled How to Win Your First or Next Jury Trial Using the Power Trial Method.

The sessions will take place on Tuesday, July 20 at the Executive Conference and Training Center at Tysons Corner, 8201 Greensboro Drive, Tysons Corner, VA; on Wednesday, July 21 at the Executive Conference and Training Center at Dulles, 22685 Holiday Park Drive, Dulles, VA; on Thursday, July 22 at the Tuscarora Mill Restaurant and Cafe, 203 Harrison Street, Leesburg, VA, and on Friday, July 23 at the Holiday Inn, 625 First Street, Alexandria, VA.

Each session runs from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Registration begins at 8:30 a.m.

The featured speaker is David J.F. Gross, director of the Faegre & Benson Trial Practice Program.He coversvariety of topics, among them:

•Where's the Power? The PTM method begins with a simple question: Where is the power in the courtroom at trial? Who really has the power to decide whether you win or lose? Participants will learn why you should focus on power in the courtroom, who has the power to decide whether you win or lose, and how that power is used in most cases.

•The PTM Approach to a Jury Trial. When you enter the courtroom and begin a trial, you need to consider how power is used, and do everything you can to tap into those power sources. Participants will learn how to assess the trial judge's use of power, how to persuade the jury to use its power, and what it means to be a PTM trial lawyer.

•Understanding the Theme Thing. What does it mean to have a theme for trial? Why do you need a theme? Should you have one theme or many themes? Participants will learn how to create a one-sentence description of their case, how to make fairness points, and how to react to an opponent's themes.

For details on available CLE credits and registration fees, see the Bulletin Board in this issue.

For reservations for any of the video replays, call (800) 979-8253 or access