Richard Torrenzano

Chief Executive

The Torrenzano Group

Richard Torrenzano is chief executive of The Torrenzano Group, a reputation and high-stakes issues management firm specializing in building and protecting corporate reputations, helping clients grow their business and enhance brand and shareholder value. Learn more: For almost a decade he was a member of New York Stock Exchange Management (policy) and Executive (operations) Committees. Richard counseled chief executives and boards in U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America, as well as several heads of state.

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It Only Takes One Document to Bring Down the House: Six Actions to Avoid Disaster

Sending and receiving messages over a secured communication network manifests in various forms of electronic platforms – E-messages, e mail, instant messaging, live chat, text messaging, etc. They have become the primary form of communications between employees.

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Legal Services

Seven Actions to Achieve New Business Success for Your Law Firm

The global pandemic forced the entire legal profession to function without its social ecosystem of in-person client meetings, working breakfasts, lunches and dinners, receptions, entertainment at events, live conferences or symposiums. Even court access has been limited.

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Part II: Business Under Attack - Leading Into the Post Pandemic Era: Reinvent. Realign. Reinvest. Reengage. Rebound.

On New Year’s Eve, 2019, no one predicted the disputation and tragedy we would endure in 2020. It required colossal achievements just to cross the finish line and enter the new year 2021.

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Risk Management

Business Under Attack: Five POWER Actions Boards, Management and Risk Leaders Need to Prepare for Crisis in 2021

Cyber-attacks compound data, financial and privacy issues. Pandemics linger, break supply chains and destroy economies. Competitors and disgruntled employees attack in unprecedented ways.

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Listen Up! Understand How Important it is to Listen

Listening is a problem of the ages.

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