Jen Polzer

Senior Project Manager


Jen Polzer is a senior project manager at QDiscovery with over 14 years of e-discovery experience. Jen is a key leader in e-discovery Project Management, serving industry leading corporations and top-ranked law firms. Her diverse experience includes roles at law firms, consulting companies and other e-discovery service providers, with proven success in overseeing multiple projects utilizing best practices to accomplish client goals and deadlines. Jen is known for her exceptional customer service. She recognizes the importance of leveraging work-life balance, and in 2017 became certified as a Yoga Instructor and an Urban Zen Integrative Therapist. Jen has volunteered her time at UCLA Ronald Reagan Hospital giving Urban Zen Integrative Therapy to cancer patients and has taught self-care modalities to employees in corporate settings. She is currently the chair of the Chicago chapter of Mindfulness in Law Society, its mission is to educate, provide resources to and bring together the legal profession around mindfulness and well being.

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