A New Communication Paradigm: Why Legal and IT Must Combine Forces to Tame Modern Collaboration Challenges



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Modern business communications and the way people interact have rapidly evolved and continue to change. Multimedia, collaborative workspaces, and social media are making communications more dynamic, interactive, and friendlier than ever—empowering collaboration and innovation. These modern communication platforms create vast volumes of data that are less structured than traditional data sources, and these tools are not built with data preservation, retention, and governance in mind.

We are at a crossroads of data management, one that requires not only a new way of thinking but close collaboration between legal and IT, specifically, to fully leverage the benefits of collaboration for forward-thinking enterprises.

In this discussion, panelists will explore how cross-departmental teams can work together to tame the modern enterprise collaboration beast. Panelists will discuss:

  • What is the new communication paradigm and how does it differ from traditional forms of communication?
  • Why do traditional approaches to both governance and ediscovery need to evolve?
  • Best practices for addressing preservation, collection, and discovery for collaboration apps, websites, and complex dynamic data.
  • Strategies for data governance, security, privacy, and retention.


Meghan Brosnahan
Director, eDiscovery & Information Governance

Meghan Orlins Brosnahan is the Director of eDiscovery and Information Governance for Uber charged with building standards, measuring and maintaining costs, and advising the organization on eDiscovery and Information Governance globally. She manages legal and programmatic issues surrounding the lifecycle of data in relation to litigation, investigations, and general data reporting. Ms. Brosnahan’s defensible and innovative eDiscovery model combines workflow, technology, and standards. Ms. Brosnahan and her team leverage eDiscovery technology to facilitate making evidence-based decisions related to M&A, privacy, deals, contracts, investigations, litigation, and governance.

Cortney VanDenburgh
E-Discovery Manager - Global Litigation

Cortney Starble VanDenburgh is the Ediscovery Manager at CBRE, the largest commercial real estate services and investment firm in the world. Based in Los Angeles, California, CBRE operates in more than 450 offices worldwide and has clients in more than 100 countries. Cortney and the team she leads apply modern technology and strategy to manage ediscovery collections and processing and legal holds for most small litigation matters in house.

Brad Harris
Vice President, Product

Brad Harris is the VP of Product at Hanzo, a pioneer in the contextual capture, and preservation of dynamic web and collaboration content for corporate legal and compliance departments. He leads product vision and innovation for the company. Brad has more than 30 years’ experience in the high technology and enterprise software sectors, including assisting Fortune 1000 companies to enhance their e-discovery preparedness through technology and process improvement. Brad is a frequent author and speaker on data preservation and e-discovery issues and is a member of The Sedona Conference WG1.