Seminars Examine Some Of The RisksOf Doing Business In Asia

U.S. firms and investment capital are flooding into Asia to take advantage of its rapid economic growth and low manufacturing costs. But with rewards comes risk, and companies that are doing business or looking to enter the Asian marketplace need to pay special attention to the political and business risks of operating in this volatile and sometimes unpredictable region.

These risks were the focus of a series of seminars presented last month by Citigate Global Intelligence. Programs, under the title Mitigating Corporate Risk in Asia While Maximizing Opportunities, took place in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Much of the discussion covered Asialink, a new product created by Citigate Global Intelligence and International Risk Ltd. that provides intelligence about potential business partners and competitors, uncovers and investigates fraud, corrupt practices, counterfeiting, and human rights violations, and protects operations and people in Asia and employees traveling to that region.

The speakers at the seminars included Ernest Brod, CEO of Citigate Global Intelligence; Stephen E. Vale, executive managing director of Citigate Global, and Steven Vickers, CEO of Hong Kong-based International Risk Ltd.

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