Meet-The-Author: 2004 Environmental, Health & Safety Update

What steps can you take as New Jersey steps up its pursuit of natural resource damages? What typically triggers environmental or OSHA criminal enforcement actions?

These and other questions about current trends in environmental, health and safety laws and regulations were addressed at a Meet-The-Author seminar on February 26, hosted by Pitney, Hardin, Kipp & Szuch LLP.
Peter J. Herzberg, a partner of the firm who co-authored a three-part article entitled "Un-Natural Resource Damages: NJDEP Goes Too Far Afield," which appeared in the May, June and July 2003 issues of The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, moderated the program. Speakers included his partner and co-author William S. Hatfield, as well as their partner Robert W. Ray, whose interview entitled "Criminal Law Perspectives: New Laws Expand Sweep of Criminal Law: Your Company Could Be Next" appeared in the April 2003 issue of The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel. Other speakers included their partners Patrick J. McCarthy, Gail H. Allyn, Robert G. Rose and Colleen R. Donovan and associate Camille Otero.

For information about the program, call Joseph Mayock at (973) 966-8236 or e-mail him at