Marcus Evans Covers Anti-Corruption Compliance In California Program

On Wednesday to Friday, September 14 to 16, Marcus Evans Conferences will explore the FCPA and Anti-Corruption Compliance.

The pre-conference workshops on Wednesday begin at 1:30 p.m., and the program ends on Friday morning at the Hilton San Francisco, located in the Financial District, 750 Kearny Street.

Attendees will learn how to leverage internal audits for testing and managing FCPA and anti-corruption compliance (by Microsoft Corporation); investigate the potential effect the UK Anti-Bribery Act will have on U.S. companies (with Symantec Corporation); explore effective monitoring and disclosing of FCPA violations (with Flowserve Corporation); conduct effective due diligence and management of third parties (with Google Inc.); and how to efficiently update and enhance internal anti-corruption processes and procedures (BAE Systems).

Two hands-on, interactive workshops have been planned for Wednesday - Enhancing Internal FCPA Training Programs to Conduct Effective and Cost Efficient Training with Limited Resources, and Executing Timely and Cost-Efficient Internal Investigations to Determine the Legitimacy of an FCPA Violation Claim.

An interactive panel discussion on Thursday with panelist Rob Shoemaker, chief compliance officer, GE Transportation, will cover the current global anti-corruption environment by assessing the anti-corruption efforts in emerging BRIC countries.

Friday's panel discussion,Determining when to Report FCPA Violations by Identifying Key Elements that Trigger Voluntary Disclosures, will be moderated by Scott M. Giordano, Mitratech Holdings, Inc., and will include Paul Haynes, head of the voluntary disclosure program, the World Bank.

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To register, visit www.marcusevans. com.