Chadbourne & Parke Launches Green Initiative

Thursday, May 1, 2008 - 01:00

Chadbourne & Parke has launched a Green Initiative that focuses on recycling and reductions in energy and resource consumption.

The Firm has been certified as a "Leader" in the ABA-EPA Law Office Climate Challenge, a joint project of the American Bar Association and the Environmental Protection Agency.The Climate Challenge Program encourages law firms to take specific actions to conserve energy and resources, as well as reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

The Green Initiative's roll-out includes these key actions:

• General office supplies that contain recycled materials are being used where available.

• Firm copiers are Energy Star-designated, a U.S. government designation meaning they are energy efficient.

• In all offices, wherever possible, wood furniture is being reconditioned and refinished and carpets are being cleaned with environmentally friendly products; paint with fewer toxins is now in use; bathroom faucets and facilities have been retrofitted to use less water.