DataCert® Releases Integrated Solution For Electronic Invoicing, Matter Management And Legal Spend Management

Tuesday, April 1, 2008 - 00:00

DataCert, Inc., has announced the release of Corporate Legal Desktop®10 (CLD 10), a comprehensive solution that enables in-house lawyers to take control of their legal operations. With CLD 10, corporate legal departments can now manage legal and IP spend while tracking volumes of documents and financial information related to legal matters.

This sophisticated solution combines DataCert's electronic invoicing and spend management product, Advanced Invoice Management System (AIMS), with the robust functionality of Corprasoft's matter management capabilities. The integrated solution significantly streamlines law department collaboration while reducing the time in-house lawyers spend on time-consuming administrative tasks.

Features of CLD 10 include: Customization - allowingusers to tailor the data they need for each type of matter or practice area, as well as easily maintain and modify the information as business processes changes; Security and Installation - available for installation behind a corporation's firewall or as a hosted solution; Integration - with multiple in-house legal operational or enterprise systems such as document management, accounts payable or legal applications, and training - users are invited to take advantage of the new training programs - including end user, administrative and developer training -in order to implement, customize and maintain installation configurations.