West km Has New Productivity Tool

Saturday, March 1, 2008 - 00:00

West km, the management application from Thomson West that lets legal professionals capture and maximize their expertise and intellectual assets, now offers newproductivity capabilities in the newly released West km 4.0 platform.

West km 4.0 features a new technology platform plus enhanced search and classification functionality, giving users a competitive edge by making institutional knowledge and expertise broadly available to legal professionals within an organization.

The new West km 4.0 platform enables users to mine key data directly from texts of documents through Litigation Analyzer, a new West km feature.

Visit www.west.thomson.com/ westkm for additional information.

Thomson West has announced a new online tool to give litigators an edge in managing critical trial dates and filing logistics: Westlaw Legal Calendaring.

Westlaw Legal Calendaring is the first web-based rules calendaring system that allows attorneys to recalculate deadlines. It automatically calculates litigation dates from the first complaint filed through the final appeal, and tracks every event change requiring recalculation along the way, helping litigators and support staff stay abreast of dates and updates throughout a trial.

Westlaw Legal Calendaring is available on www.litigator.westlaw.com. For additional information on Westlaw Legal Calendaring, go to www.west.thomson.com.