ONSITE3 Announces Client Advisory Board

Saturday, December 1, 2007 - 01:00

ONSITE3has announced the founding of a Client Advisory Board which will serve as a forum for sharing ideas and cultivating innovation for the company's eView review platform and related proprietary technologies.

Following six years of experience in providing document review solutions, ONSITE3has seen significant market adoption for its eView review platform in large part due to eView's client-influenced capabilities, including:

• Facilitated workflow processes enable clients to customize the eView application to complement and enhance their own processes for document review;

• Improved review management through various, customizable reports that clients can generate themselves for nearly every component of the review and production process, including productivity metrics at the individual review and reviewer level;

• Flexible administration gives clients a choice of either ONSITE3assisted control or fully client-administered control over the entire document review project;

• Automated privilege log generation minimizes risk and eliminates the need for clients to externally manage privilege logs outside of the document review application.

The Client Advisory Board consists of business leaders and technical legal experts who share an interest in shaping the vision and specific development initiatives that will assure eView continued position as a leading document review platform. The 12 member board includes attorneys and senior litigation and practice support professionals from both law firms and corporations spanning industries such as pharmaceutical, financial, medical, and other fields.

For additional information about eView or ONSITE3 's full range of litigation support services, visit www.ONSITE3.com.