Winstead PC Undergoes Rebranding

Saturday, December 1, 2007 - 00:00

AvreaFoster, a Dallas-based advertising firm, recently completed an integrated re-branding campaign for Texas law firm Winstead PC. The new, more contemporary look symbolizes the firm's next evolution as a leading law firm in Texas, focused on the future and new opportunity.AvreaFoster re-designed all of the firm's marketing products including the new Winstead logo, brochures, display advertising, and the Web site.

Winstead's new colors and look represent a practical, yet dynamic business approach, where the lawyers serve as part of the client's core business team. The message to clients is, "We are practical, roll-up-our-sleeves lawyers, dedicated to using our solid legal expertise for the relentless pursuit of innovative winning solutions on your terms."

"Of course with any branding exercise, consistency of not only look and feel but also content is paramount," said Darren Avrea, chairman and executive creative director of AvreaFoster. "We feel the new identity delivers the message relevant to Winstead's personality."

According to Winstead's Chairman and CEO Denis Braham, "Corporate branding is more than a logo or a tagline. It is a concept of how a company wants to be established in the minds of its clients, potential clients, recruits and competitors. Winstead's new brand employs the direction, leadership, talent, intelligence and energy of the people here at the firm."