West Monitor Suite Adds West IP Monitor

Sunday, July 1, 2007 - 01:00

West Monitor Suite has added West IP Monitor, the only advanced analytical tool available in the market for tracking and mapping U.S. Patent and Trademark Office actions and patent litigation activity in support of law firm business development.

West IP Monitor extends the analytical power of the West Monitor Suite, allowing firms to view a complete picture of the IP activity of current clients, prospects and competitors. Firms can analyze a company's IP strategy by studying how its IP portfolio has evolved over time and how aggressively it defends its assets. Comprehensive reports analyzing trends and actions across a company's entire patent and trademark portfolio can be generated with a few keystrokes. Email alerts can highlight new litigation or other activity in a company's IP portfolio.

West IP Monitor tracks patent applications, assignments, grants, and patent acquisitions, as well as patent litigation activity. Trends within each of those areas can be analyzed by company, industry, patent classification, firm, attorney and country. West IP Monitor is the only analytical tool of its kind that combines USPTO data and Westlaw litigation content with proven analytical tools to provide unprecedented views of activities, trends and business opportunities in the intellectual property market. IP Monitor's Patent in Litigation feature displays a detailed history of actions involving a company's patents, including the parties involved in each action and their respective outside counsel.