ONSITE3 Shifts Corporate Headquarters

Sunday, April 1, 2007 - 00:00

ONSITE3 has announced that it has moved its corporate headquarters to Arlington, Virginia. The new location, just miles from the nation's capital, also serves as the company's primary electronic data discovery, computer forensics and document processing center.

The new facility is equipped with biometric system security, fiber-based network connectivity, a world-class data center, climate-controlled server room, plus unprecedented data storage capacity, security and redundancy. Leveraging these investments, ONSITE3 will provide maximum flexibility and quick turnaround for its clients in the production of high quality electronic discovery and computerized litigation support.

In addition to its production facility in the Arlington/Washington DC area, ONSITE3 also has six other production facilities located in Philadelphia, New York City, Los Angeles (Century City), Chicago, Durham, NC, and Atlanta. ONSITE3 has 338 employees in Arlington - 28 percent of its total employee base of 1,208. A 10-year lease agreement was signed and the offices and production facility are designed to handle further expansion and growth.