ONSITE3, Iron Mountain Announce Partnership To Help Streamline Litigation Data Collection

Thursday, March 1, 2007 - 00:00

ONSITE3 and Iron Mountain Incorporated have announced a new partnership to provide businesses with a streamlined process of collection and review of relevant hard copy and electronically-stored information (ESI) for litigation purposes.

Iron Mountain will offer ONSITE3's eForensics, eDiscovery, and eReview services to its customers who need a single source solution for eDiscovery. By combining ONSITE3's services and Iron Mountain's eRecords management solutions, businesses can reduce the cost, time and complexity of eDiscovery, respond effectively to the new Federal Rules of Civil Procedure regarding eDiscovery, streamline the process of collecting and reviewing relevant paper and electronic information throughout the litigation lifecycle, and ensure a secure and defensible chain of custody for information.

By bringing together a strong chain of custody framework throughout the collection, transportation, transmission and storage of data, this new partnership is designed to significantly reduce litigation response time, as well as cost and risk by streamlining business process workflow and information.

For more information, visit www.ironmountain.com/knowledge/ediscovery/index.asp.

ONSITE3 has announced the launch of its next generation proprietary electronic discovery processing software, Electronic Evidence Enterprise (E3). E3 software streamlines all of ONSITE3's eDiscovery processes with enhanced data extraction capabilities, new project templates, hardware upgrades, and increased culling flexibility.

Advanced features of E3 include:

Enhanced Data Extraction - Embedded Objects Extraction that programmatically fixes the issue of extracting embedded objects, which in turn provides more searchable data. If a file is an image (for example: .tif, .jpg, .gif), the file will automatically go to OCR to extract available text from the image or "OCR Images on the Fly."

Custom Project Templates - All specifications and options for a project can be saved in a custom template per project. These templates can be recalled later when additional data is brought in for processing for the project. The new system allows for two types of templates, one for the ingestion of data into the system and the second at the export of the project.

Culling Flexibility - Data can be culled in the beginning of processing or at the end during the export phase. E3 has the flexibility to change the culling options as client or project needs evolve.

Hardware Upgrades - ONSITE3 has also upgraded its hardware by adding hundreds of additional servers and increasing the overall processing capacity by more than 100 percent. Paired with more than 50 terabytes of storage and a state-of-the-art server system, ONSITE3 now has the largest processing center based in Washington, DC.

For more information on E3 and ONSITE3's products and services, visit www.ONSITE3.com.