Fios Unveils New Services Designed To Cut E-Discovery Costs

Thursday, March 1, 2007 - 01:00

Fios Inc. has unveiled new, strategic consulting services that lower the costs and risks associated with electronic discovery response. Fios' new Review Management Services help clients assess and identify gaps in existing or proposed review strategies, identify opportunities for process improvement, and implement recommendations to eliminate errors and improve attorney efficiency.

Fios' Review Management Services are an expansion of the comprehensive litigation readiness services the company has been offering since 2003.

A highlight of the areas Fios is now helping clients address includes:

• Review Management Strategies - Fios' consultants will formally assess a client's overall review strategy and provide recommendations for improvements that can reduce the gaps, risks and time spent on document review.

• Search and Data Culling Strategies - Fios' consultants will utilize a detailed protocol to analyze and develop an effective and efficient search and data culling approach.

• Workflow Design - Fios' consultants will review the requirements and resources necessary for a given case and develop effective approaches to how the review workflow should be managed.

• Work Product Quality Control - In addition to the standard services available to all clients, Fios' consultants will help clients assess internal protocols and employ quality control procedures that maximize the accuracy of the review.

Fios' Review Management Services are immediately available through Fios' Discovery Management Services consulting group and are priced on an hourly basis. For more information, visit the company's website at

Fios also has announced the launch of its third sponsored information portal, ( This new web portal is dedicated to supporting the emerging role of technology counsel and the legal practitioners who are bridging the gap between law and information technology (IT). offers the latest news, trends, research, legal blogs, job boards and articles focused on legal and technology issues related to litigation, governmental investigations and compliance. joins and as central educational resources sponsored by Fios. More information can be found at