CT, Serengeti Integrate Service Of Process System,Matter Management System

Wednesday, November 1, 2006 - 01:00

CT and Serengeti have announced the successful integration of CT's service of process system with Serengeti's matter management system for greater automation, easier collaboration and more efficiency in responding to and managing litigation.

Using CT's Universal Service of Process Connector, CT customers can automatically pull service of process details directly from their CTAdvantage.com registered agent accounts into Serengeti's Service of Process Matter Management Module. Serengeti's new module allows companies to automatically route the data to existing matters or efficiently create new matters, and then track response deadlines.

This system integration enables corporate law departments to benefit from the following key functionalities: on-demand service of process downloads from CT to Serengeti of imaged documents/transmittal data; hourly alerts from Serengeti to the corporate client when new information is ready for processing; automatic service of process routing to existing Serengeti matters that have the same Case Number; efficient creation of new matters in Serengeti as necessary, populated with service of process information from CT, and tracking of response deadlines in Serengeti, including personal dashboard and e-mail alerts to responsible individuals

Neither service provider is charging additional fees for the use of this new functionality.