OnSite Announces Launch Of New Document Exchange/Review Tool

Sunday, October 1, 2006 - 00:00

OnSite E-Discovery, a global e-Discovery and forensics firm serving law firms and corporations, has announced the launch of its new online on-demand document exchange and review tool, DXR, at the International Legal Technology Association's Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida.

DXR is OnSite E-Discovery's web-based document review tool that provides instant upload, advanced search capabilities, instantaneous native or image document retrieval, extensive culling, filtering, tagging and review capabilities of electronic documents.

For more information on DXR visit www.DXRPortal.com, or for all of OnSite E-Discovery's products and services, visit www.OnSiteEDiscovery. com/DXR.html.

OnSite E-Discovery and Clearwell Systems, Inc. have announced a strategic partnership between the two companies allowing OnSite E-Discovery to integrate the Clearwell Email Intelligence Platform into its existing e-discovery services.

By using OnSite E-Discovery's services, clients will have access to the Clearwell Email Intelligence Platform's capabilities that provide a faster, more effective way to cull large datasets into smaller, more relevant data sets, and perform detailed review and analysis of these relevant datasets. Key characteristics of this solution include: Advanced Discovery & Organization, that provides a single interface to all email data stores and analyzes data wherever it resides without creating separate databases or moving files; Classification & Analysis, that displays the most relevant emails first and links all related emails into a chronological thread which captures the entire discussion; Workflow & Reporting, that provides case management and reporting capabilities, and Administration, that provides capabilities to manage all aspects of the product.

For more information, visit www.OnSiteEDiscovery.com.