Fios Introduces Service To Assess Risk When Collecting Electronically Stored Data

Friday, September 1, 2006 - 00:00

Fios® Inc., a provider of electronicdiscovery services, has introduced anew Collection Planning Assessment(CPA) service to help corporationsunderstand their greatest areas of riskand cost when collecting electronicallystored information (ESI) in response todiscovery requests.

The new service is an extension ofthe evidence collection services providedby Fios. The CPA provides an indepthview into the people, processesand technologies required for identifying,preserving and collecting ESI subjectto litigation and governmentalinvestigations.

Fios' CPA begins with an assessmentof the organization's existing processesfor identifying, preserving and collectingESI. The assessment utilizes a seriesof on-site, guided interviews, whichyield information on data repositoriesand current preservation and collectionmethodologies. Clients receive a reportcontaining quantitative scores on theirexisting business practices in four keyareas: litigation response planning, dataidentification, preservation methodologiesand collection practices. The initialassessment concludes with an in-personexecutive briefing of the findings andincludes recommendations for collectionprocess improvements. The reportprovides a risk rating of the organization'scollection processes based onFios' ESI Risk Assessment MatrixTM.This proprietary analysis from Fiosidentifies which data stores are mostlikely to be subject to discovery in relationto the organization's ability to preserveand harvest ESI from thoserepositories.

Fios' CPA is delivered by Fios' DiscoveryManagement Services (DMS)consultants. Fios' DMS consultants arecommitted to helping clients become"litigation ready," understanding thegaps in their systems and implementingstrategies for process improvements.With Fios' DMS services, clients canachieve legally defensible electronicdiscovery practices that reduce risk, costand time throughout every phase of theprocess.

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