Thomsen West OfferingNew Service For Corporate Counsel

Thursday, June 1, 2006 - 01:00

Companies depend on general counsel for answers to help guide their organizations. Thomsen West has begun offering Counsel Monitor, a new strategic intelligence solution that will equip corporate legal departments with critical information to explain the business implications of legal trends.

With integrated Westlaw and Thomsen Financial resources, professionals can discover legal activity and trends by company, industry and law firm. Counsel Monitor aggregates case law and dockets from Westlaw, and allows the user to execute sophisticated data analysis of this information with a few clicks of a mouse. Through Counsel Monitor, corporate counsel can spot litigation trends, monitor competitor representation and benchmark within an industry. To add further insight to overall business strategy, Counsel Monitor also provides an overview of the latest news, current legal activity, deals and other events from Thomsen West Financial and other third-party providers.

Counsel Monitor also shows which law firms and attorneys represent specific companies, and distribution of cases among state and federal courts. To aid in the selection and management of outside counsel, law firms and individual attorneys can be reviewed for experience in key areas of litigation.