OnSite E-Discovery Launches Web-Based Data Room Service

Thursday, June 1, 2006 - 00:00

OnSite E-Discovery has announced the launch of SecureDealRoom, a completely web-based secure data room service that allows law firms, bankers and businesses to quickly upload, share and collaborate on documents pertaining to litigation, mergers and acquisitions, investor relations, equity investments, real estate, life sciences and many other forms of high-stakes business dealings.

SecureDealRoom is a new ultra fast and low-cost way for companies involved in litigation or transactions to conduct secure, discreet business communications. SecureDealRoom can be implemented immediately and the multi-layered, multi-security based system allows for administrators to monitor access to all documents and limit access by company, user or document for confidential and/or restricted files.

OnSite says SecureDealRoom is a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to other existing virtual deal room and data room technologies, offering centralized business control of documentation and self-administration. Since the system is web-based, deployment is easy and does not require an extensive resource commitment.

SecureDealRoom conforms to auditing and compliance standards. Pricing is based on usage, so companies are invoiced only for what is used, no setup fees, no monthly minimums, making it an extremely cost-effective system for small or large deals. The interface is based on the look and feel of the Microsoft Outlook user interface and this essentially eliminates the need for user training.

SecureDealRoom administrators have granular-level control over document access and actions. They have eight customizable levels of security where they can set up access rights at the individual user level.

SecureDealRoom has Native File Review capabilities where visitors can review documents in their native format. This eliminates the need to convert documents to TIFF, PDF, and other formats prior to review.

For more on SecureDealRoom and OnSite E-Discovery, visit www.OnSiteEDiscovery.com/Deal_Room.html.