Syngence Software Integrated With ICE

Wednesday, March 1, 2006 - 00:00

Syngence LLC, the provider of Synthetix linguistic pattern search technology and Blue Trace EED review software for law firms and corporations, has announced that Image Capture Engineering, Inc. (ICE) users can now create Blue Trace load files for use with Dataflight's Concordance 8 suite of products.

ICE, a new Syngence partner, has been certified and can now accurately create Blue Trace load files. The PreDiscoveryª software suite by ICE and Blue Trace processing have been integrated to provide end users with an innovative and intuitive platform for reviewing electronic documents. The Blue Trace interface provides native file review of emails and their attachments, advanced thread consolidation, and hyperlink navigation between emails in a thread. These features, along with the ease of allocating records to reviewers, drastically reduce review time and associated costs.

"Without Blue Trace, reviewers struggle to navigate through email threads and judge conversational responsiveness and trace relevant evidence," said Barry Seidner, VP Product Management and Marketing for Syngence. "The integration with ICE is a significant step toward making Blue Trace the standard for EED review."