LiveNote Introduces TechnologyTo Stream Live Deposition Media

Wednesday, March 1, 2006 - 01:00

At the 25th Annual LegalTech Show, LiveNote, Inc. unveiled its new technology for streaming live deposition media to any remote participant with a broadband Internet connection, the next generation of LiveNote's longstanding Internet Realtime Serviceª, LiveNote Streamª. Developed in responseto the industry's growing adoption of technology as a means to both reduce discovery costs and gain a strategic advantage, LiveNote Stream enablesall authorized parties to follow important litigation events from any location.

Offered in partnership with Courtroom Connect, LiveNote Stream is available for use with any deposition, conference, or court proceeding worldwide. Litigation teams simply request LiveNote Stream when they schedule depositions with their court reporting agency or they may contact LiveNote directly at (800) LIVENOTE,extension 7 or visit stream.