LawyerLinks UpgradesIts Online Electronic Research Tool

Sunday, January 1, 2006 - 01:00

To further assist legal professionals in their research efforts, LawyerLinks Advantagesm_ the first topic-based online electronic research tool - has been upgraded to include a variety of enhanced and simple-to-use features offering instant access to relevant legal precedent, practice and source materials. These advances (Release 1.2.0.) significantly reduce the amount of research time expended by legal research personnel and provide other benefits such as cost-recovery Client/Matter ID tracking and detailed usage reports.

"Our goal is to tailor our service to best meet the needs of legal researchers, and to make their jobs as productive as possible," said Eric Korb, managing partner and COO, Lawyer Links, LLC. "With this in mind, we surveyed current users to see how the Advantage could be even more beneficial and time-saving, and added these new features based on their feedback."

Other highlights include convenient Personalization/Collaboration Tools that allow users to access LawyerLinks Advantage from any Internet browser; by simply signing on with their User ID, they can email links to research results directly to colleagues and clients. "This is a great feature for advisors, especially if they are on the road because it allows them to collaborate with clients and review the research results from any location," Korb said. "It also eliminates the need to print out and physically mail the research results, which can become cumbersome," he added.

For added convenience, a new Cost Recovery Client/Matter ID Tracking feature allows users to easily track session times by Client/Matter ID. Our method does not require users to log out and log back in again to change the ID; this information can be entered any time during a session, or turned on/off as necessary. Returning users are automatically provided with the last ID entered.

Additionally, to enhance cost savings and security, the system automatically logs out of the session after 20 minutes of inactivity. If users are suddenly interrupted or called away from their desk for an extended time, the system will log out; but it will also remember the last page viewed, as well as the Client/Matter ID.

Additional features include an enhanced user interface status bar, which provides current activity information such as LawyerLinks System Status Messages, Client/Matter ID, and Page Title. And users now have the ability to save a favorite topic page's location using the Advantage's interface. Saved bookmarks are easily accessible using Internet Explorer's favorites.

LawyerLinks Advantage is offered on a subscription or pay-as-you-go basis. For more information, visit or call (877) 651-5331.