Integrity Interactive Introduces New Service To Enable Compliance Questionnaires, Certification

Sunday, January 1, 2006 - 00:00

Integrity Interactive has announced its latest service - Integrity Disclosuresm, which allows companies around the globe to solicit, process and document key information from their employees and use the results to better monitor, manage and report on the effectiveness of their overall compliance programs.

Increasingly, boards and managers of companies are faced with ever growing compliance documentation requirements.Integrity Disclosure meets the growing compliance demands of organizations by pairing experienced account management with a state-of-the-art, Web-based compliance platform providing an effective means of ensuring companies are in line with the new standards.

"Today, conflicts of interest and disclosure questionnaires are more numerous, more complex and extend deeper into the organization," said Carl Nelson, president, Integrity Interactive Corporation. "Companies view their commitment to maintaining a meaningful ongoing ethics dialogue with their employees as vital to their overall ethics and compliance program success; however, the increased complexity of the questionnaires has become a huge administrative burden. Integrity Disclosure allows us to provide our clients with a powerful solution to help them stay abreast of their important programs while significantly decreasing the administrative burdens associated with them."

Integrity Disclosure is a managed service that provides optimum results by leveraging Integrity's sophisticated communications system. And Integrity Disclosure can provide the kind of global reach that today's companies demand. The entire process can be conducted in multiple languages from emails and instructions to forms incorporating localized language or legal content.