Applied Discovery Consultants OfferAdvice On E-Discovery Preparation

Thursday, September 1, 2005 - 01:00

To help attorneys prepare for an electronic discovery request, LexisNexis is currently offering Applied Discovery Consulting Services that provide guidance required to navigate electronic discovery issues.

The Consulting Services Group's activities fall into two categories: technical consulting services and litigation preparedness and electronic discovery consulting services.

The technical consulting services include: custom data-gathering strategies, which provide tailored data-gathering solutions using forensically sound procedures that minimize cost, exposure and impact on business operations; technology assessment to account for organizational, technical and logistical issues that impact effective data gathering, and remote analysis to estimate data production size and coordinate on-site or remote data reduction services to minimize production expense.

The litigation preparedness and electronic discovery consulting services include e-discovery action plans, technical assistance, compliance advice, burden analysis, document reviews, advice on discovery conferences and hearings, advice on deposition preparation, sample documents and model orders, client education, and documentsupport.

Applied Discovery's consultants work together with corporate counsel, IT departments, and outside counsel to integrate preparation for discovery with daily operations.

For further information, contact Jonathan Resnick, Esq. at (312) 984-1601 or