On Site Creates New Division, Electronic Evidence Labs

Thursday, September 1, 2005 - 01:00

On Site, an Atlanta-based provider of paper discovery, electronic discovery and computer forensics, has announced that they have launched a new division of their company, Electronic Evidence Labs (www.eevidencelabs.com).

Electronic Evidence Labs (EELabs) will provide emergency technical services related to computer forensics, data recovery, password recovery and tape restoration. These mobile response teams are available night and day to law firms, corporations, financial institutions, governmental agencies throughout the United States and abroad.

EELabs understand the importance of reacting quickly no matter what time of day or night. EELabs has on-call Incident Response Teams (IRTs) that consists of highly trained specialists in data recovery or advanced computer forensics available whenever a client needs them. The IRTs have the ability to serve clients anywhere in the United States within 12-18 hours and worldwide within 24-36 hours.

Computer forensics includes the recovery of the digital "fingerprints" left by the routine use of computers and other electronic devices. EELabs can recover and examine previously deleted files and analyze pertinent evidence to support an investigation.

EELabs' engineers are also capable of cracking passwords in effort tohelp forensic investigations, corporations and law enforcement agencies in their fight against crime and globalterrorism.

EELabs response teams are currently located in Washington DC, Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Houston and Wilmington, DE.