TyMetrix 360º Version 1.3 Released

Monday, August 1, 2005 - 01:00

TyMetrix recently announced the release of TyMetrix 360º version 1.3, the newest upgrade to TyMetrix's integrated suite of powerful web-based tools. This new release features a refined invoicing tool for greater reporting and enhanced matter grouping capabilities designed to automate business processes for increased management efficiencies in corporate law and insurance claims departments.

The new wizard-based invoice entry tool provides users with the flexibility to enter both electronic and manually-created client invoices into the system where they are stored together in a central location. Based on security rights, users can then edit, save and load invoices from the system for quick reporting. Five organized expense category templates of the most commonly created reports help to streamline the invoice entry process for added convenience and time savings.

The new matter grouping tool provides users with access to a horizontal grouping of matters within the network regardless of work area or organizational unit. "This powerful group manager will provide transparency for litigated and non-litigated matters across all practice areas," said Keith Brown, senior product manager at TyMetrix. "For example, corporate law departments can pick a product that has both product liability and intellectual property matters and group them together as a matter category."

TyMetrix 360º also features several configuration enhancements that allow customers to tailor the solution to meet their specific needs. This includes the ability to create, edit and delete matter groups and the capability to create matter group profiles that provide a high-level overview about the group.

The company plans to release a new version of TyMetrix 360º with a flexible and scalable pricing model in the coming months. For more information, go to www.tymetrix.com.