CSC To Acquire Diligenz, Inc

Monday, August 1, 2005 - 00:00

Corporation Service Company(CSC) has announced that it has executed a stock purchase agreement to acquire 100 percent of the stock of Diligenz, Inc., headquartered in Mukilteo, WA. Closing is subject to regulatory approval.

The combination of CSC and Diligenz will bring together two highly respected companies in the legal services industry, providing both secured transaction and corporate services. Diligenz's unique online technology services for financial institutions and banks will complement CSC's blend of customer service and innovative solutions to legal and corporate customers.

"The addition of Diligenz's strong technology-focused service to our award-winning customer service, will enable CSC to provide the most comprehensive solution for ourclients," said Bruce R. Winn, president and CEO of CSC. "Our clientsare continuously seeking to reducethe risk associated with RevisedArticle 9 due diligence searching and filing. The combination of the companies is a natural fit and will allow us to provide even more workflow solutions to meet the needs of our customers."