American Law Reports Series Available On Westlaw

Friday, July 1, 2005 - 00:00

Legal professionals turn to American Law Reports (ALR ) for definitive legal analysis and comprehensive expertise. Thomson West has announced the release of two new ALR series as well as the exclusive addition of these series and the first ALR series to Westlaw .

The ALR collection spans nearly 100 years of legal analysis and comprises almost 800 volumes of expertise. The collection is divided into eight multiple-volume series, with each series encompassing different areas of legal analysis. Thomson West has added to the collection, releasing ALR 6th and ALR Federal 2nd. These new series continue the ALR legacy by providing annotations and analysis for the most current legal topics. Additionally, ALR 1st series is now available exclusively on Westlaw, completing the collection's presence online. ALR 1st is the largest of the entire collection (with 175 volumes) and was previously only available in print and, more recently, only on microfiche.

The release of the entire ALR series on Westlaw provides researchers with access to analysis of more than 28,000 legal topics in one place. "Our customers depend on American Law Reports in their daily practice and have been asking for one convenient source for researching these vital resources. We're pleased to offer the full collection of ALR exclusively on Westlaw," stated Jean Maess, Vice President of Practice Area Marketing & Development at Thomson West.

Thomson West has announced the acquisition of CourtEXPRESS, a national leader in online docket research and retrieval from U.S. and international courts. For more than 20 years, CourtEXPRESS has provided comprehensive court document retrieval, case tracking and due diligence alert services to legal professionals.

The acquisition is part of Thomson West's broader strategy to provide reliable, authoritative docket, trial court document and court information solutions to legal professionals.

Thomson West and the American Insurance Association (AIA) have announced a new partnership that will give AIA and its members valuable resources, educational opportunities and faster access to information solutions specifically tailored to the demands and workflow of insurance professionals.

Thomson West is a key business partner to insurance companies. From online research on Westlaw to analytical treatises, Thomson West has developed integrated solutions for legal professionals in the insurance industry.

Privileged communication, such as that between attorney and client, is a fundamental principle of the legal profession. Recent high-profile court cases have drawn new definitions and raised questions about which attorney-client information is in fact "privileged." To clarify these issues for legal professionals, Thomson West recently released a completely updated version of Testimonial Privileges .

Testimonial Privileges, 3d, is a comprehensive reference book that explains which communications are protected and what the concept of privilege entails. Designed and organized for easy research, the book is a practice-oriented resource for all legal professionals. The newly updated text covers the diverse area of all privileged communication, including accountant-client, journalist, physician-patient, Fifth Amendment, spousal privilege, clergy, settlement, and executive and government privileges.

Testimonial Privileges also covers new developments in the legal field, including the risk of waiver by disclosure of privileged information to the government and/or a corporation's auditors, attorney-client privileges in wake of the new court rulings, and disclosure issues under security laws.

The new edition was completely redrafted by Robert R. Stauffer, Edward F. Malone and David M. Greenwald, all partners at Jenner & Block.