Medical Research Consultants Announces Strategic Litigation Partnering With DuPont

Wednesday, June 1, 2005 - 01:00

Doreen James Wise, R.N., Ed.D., CEO of Medical Research Consultants (MRC) recently announced that MRC has been named a Primary Service Provider by the DuPont Company. The Dupont Legal Model is recognized for its innovative approach to litigation. By closely partnering with its outside Primary Law Firms and Service Providers, it can increase the quality of litigation support and better control the inevitable costs.

MRC has successfully managed some of the largest mass torts in history and appeals to clients faced with the overwhelming prospect of litigating thousands of claims. Through careful attention to the clients' needs, MRC has developed cost efficient and effective workflow practices, novel pricing structures and a paperless system for all employees. All work is done in confidence and in a highly secured setting.

MRC serves the legal, medical, pharmaceutical, insurance, and manufacturing industries by providing record retrieval, Nurse Review & Triageª of records, WiseFilesª Knowledge Management software, medical expert placement, mass tort litigation support, document management, and call center services.