Syngence, LiveNote IntegrateTheir Electronic Search Software

Sunday, May 1, 2005 - 01:00

During a special presentation at the recent ABA Tech Show, Syngence LLC and LiveNote, Inc. announced their upcoming integration of their flagship offerings, respectively Synthetix linguistic pattern searching and LiveNote SRª, a transcript and evidence management tool. Once complete, litigators will be able to easily compare testimony to their collection of digitized case documents in order to locate corroborating or refuting evidence.

Synthetix is a precise search method which "thinks" just as a human would to determine the meaning of passages or pages of text, only it performs the action thousands of times faster. With the new Synthetix-enabled interface, attorneys and legal teams using LiveNote SR can easily select specific text from a transcript to use as the source for a Synthetix search of their case documents housed in Concordance databases. Any page in the collection relevant to the selected text will be returned in the search results, listed in order of relevance.

This search technology can be applied to either stored testimony or testimony captured live during depositions or trial.For the first time, litigators and their legal team have a method of easily and rapidly locating critical documentation in realtime to better serve their client(s).

The integration of Synthetix with LiveNote SR is expected to be completed by late June with a planned introduction during Legal Tech West Coast.