CSC's Electronic Service Of ProcessIntegrated With Tripoint Invoicing Software

Friday, April 1, 2005 - 00:00

Corporation Service CompanySM (CSC), a leading provider of litigation management, entity management, IP, corporate governance and compliance services for business and attorneys, and Tripoint Systems Development Corporation, a leading provider of strategic cost management, matter management and law department software applications, have announced the XML integration of CSC's Electronic Service of Process (e-SOP) offering with Tripoint's Direct-Invoiceª, a market-leading strategic cost management and electronic invoicing service.

CSC and Tripoint have not only overcome the significant challenges associated with connecting technologies of these types but have also perfected the integration capabilities between the two systems. The system has undergone intensive live testing at a Fortune 50 client site for the past 10 months and has yielded significant savings, delivering an entirely new level of registered agent and electronic litigation management services to the client's corporate law department.

With this new integration, CSC can automatically pre-populate Direct- Invoice litigation matter records for any corporate law department using XML technology without costly re-keying, scanning or redundant data entry. The law department will automatically receive the information and imaged documents to an online queue, where department members can receive, accept and share service of process data securely with both internal and external members of their legal defense team, providing tremendous cost-savings and increased efficiency.