Westlaw Receives AccoladesIn Law Technology News Awards

Tuesday, March 1, 2005 - 00:00

Westlaw has again received top honors in the Law Technology News Awards, presented at a ceremony in New York City on January 31. Readers of Law Technology News - legal professionals and technologists in law firms across the country - selected Westlaw as Best Practice Tool.

The award further extends the reputation of Westlaw as a preferred legal research service. Westlaw has received similar accolades from other industry publications and is repeatedly selected by a more than two to one margin as the legal research service of choice by members of the American Bar Association.

"Law Technology News readers selecting Westlaw as Best Practice Tool illustrates how it continues to be at the forefront of the ever-changing needs of law practice today," said Peter Warwick, president and CEO of Thomson West.... This award reflects our understanding of our customers and the innovative tools we build to support them."

In 2004, Law Technology News editors asked the publication's more than 40,000 subscribers to select products and vendors that represented outstanding achievement in legal technology in 13 award categories.

Synonyms, acronyms, homonyms and legal terms of art add complexity to simple legal research. Thomson West recently unveiled Smart ToolsSMon Westlaw to cut through the complexity and help researchers find on-point results.

Smart Tools are more sophisticated than a thesaurus or simple search engine. When a researcher runs a search, Smart Tools improve search results by suggesting synonyms and alternative spellings, suggesting a broader database search when the search result contains five or fewer documents, and detecting a variety of errors in a query. Smart Tools also recognize legal terms of art and suggest related legal terms.

For more information on Smart Tools, visit www.wlsmarttools.com.