Marketing Executive Joins SyngenceTo Help Launch New Products

Saturday, January 1, 2005 - 00:00

Syngence LLC, the provider of Synthetixª linguistic pattern matching search technology and Syndexª automated indexing for law firms and corporate legal teams involved in litigation and investigations, has announced the appointment of Barry Seidner as director of product line management.

Mr. Seidner assumes responsibility for the successful launch of new products for the legal industry as well as horizontal markets and for the management of development projects, including the upcoming integration of Synthetix and IPRO Tech's IPRO Viewª.

Mr. Seidner is a technology industry veteran with 25 years experience in the introduction of new products to a global market. "We couldn't be more pleased to have found an individual with Barry's talent for product and market development to help Syngence expand its product offerings and diversify its client base," said Syngence CEO George Noga.

Mr. Seidner formerly was vice president of sales and marketing at Rapport Technologies, a Dallas-based software company. Until its recent sale, Rapport manufactured and sold embedded software that enabled IT organizations to manage portable devices existing on corporate networks.

Prior to Rapport Technologies, Mr. Seidner held the position of America's director of marketing and sales for National Semiconductor.He also hasheld leadership positions at IBM Corporation, Integrated Device Technology, Harris Composition Controls and Sandia Labs.