Retired Judges, Lawyers Form Group To Offer ADR Services

Wednesday, December 1, 2004 - 01:00

"With increasing frequency, courts, lawyers, corporations, and others are turning to mediation to resolve disputes," says Stewart Pollock, retired New Jersey Supreme Court justice, of counsel to Riker, Danzig, Scherer, Hyland & Perretti LLP, and founding member of The Resolution Group. "Mediation generally is more efficient and economical than lengthy litigation."

Recently, more than 7,000 civil cases in New Jersey's court system were assigned to mediation shortly after a complaint was filed. Corporations and insurance companies have accepted mediation as an efficient and effective dispute resolution process since more than 98 percent of all civil cases are settled without a trial in any event.

"To meet the heavy demand for both court-appointed and private mediation services, we are proud to announce the formation of The Resolution Group," said retired Appellate Division Judge William Drier, a member of The Resolution Group and a partner with Norris, McLaughlin & Marcus, P.A. "The Resolution Group is comprised of the best-known and experienced mediators drawn from the bench and bar to serve ADR needs in the New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania markets."

The Group consists of three former New Jersey Supreme Court justices, a retired chief judge of the Third Circuit, two former presiding judges of the Appellate Division, a former assignment judge from New Jersey's largest county and a highly respected chancery judge, along with six practicing lawyers who are active mediators and arbitrators. Three of the practitioners have received the prestigious Boskey Award as ADR Practitioner of the Year.

In addition to Justice Pollock and Judge Drier, The Resolution Group's members are: Harold I. Braff, James H. Coleman Jr. (retired New Jersey Supreme Court justice), Michele M. Fox, John J. Gibbons (retired chief judge, Third Circuit Court of Appeals), L. Anthony Gibson (retired presiding judge, Chancery Division), Richard K. Jeydel, Robert J. MacPherson, Robert E. Margulies, Herman D. Michels (retired presiding judge, Appellate Division), Daniel J. O'Hern (retired New Jersey Supreme Court justice), Richard H. Steen and Alvin Weiss (retired assignment judge, Essex County).

Disputants may retain any member of The Resolution Group or seek a referral from the panel. The Resolution Group's structure provides no fee sharing or added administrative costs.