Matthew Bender Update Allows Quicker Access To Bankruptcy Cases

Monday, November 1, 2004 - 01:00

The Collier Bankruptcy Case Update, published by LexisNexis Matthew Bender, now allows quick and easy access to complete decisions via

The Collier Bankruptcy Case Update features summaries of the most recent and significant bankruptcy law decisions. These decisions are organized by Bankruptcy Code section, U.S. Code section, or Bankruptcy Rule. Each summary presents the procedural history and the ultimate holding, followed by citations to and the official reporter, as available.

Each decision also is followed by a citation to the corresponding section of Collier on Bankruptcy. For ease of reference, a "Cases in This Issue" table lists each issue's decisions by judicial circuit. The Update is available as a monthly print newsletter or as a weekly e-mail version. The weekly e-mail version incorporates the new interactive features.

To take advantage of the new access feature, a user simply clicks on the case name at the end of a summary that is of interest. If the user's log-in information is saved on the computer, the link will open the Internet browser and take the user directly to the full text as it appears on

There are also links for greater ease in navigating within each issue. Clicking on the case number of a case featured on the cover or listed in the table of cases will link the user to the corresponding case summary. Clicking on the case number at the head of each summary will link back to the cover or table as appropriate. In addition, the first and third issues of each month also include a Legislative Update, listing recently introduced or enacted bankruptcy legislation, provided that there has been legislative activity to report.

The monthly print edition collects the decisions printed in the prior month's e-mail editions. In addition to the table organized by judicial circuit, the print edition also contains an index organized by code section.

Corporate counsel engaged in pre-bankruptcy planning, seeking to pursue claims against debtors, or otherwise involved in adversary proceedings, should find either format to be of value.

The Collier Bankruptcy Case Update is available in a print or e-mail version. To order and receive a 10 percent discount, visit