Board Members Can Get Connected With New Module Powered By EthicsPoint

Tuesday, June 1, 2004 - 01:00

EthicsPoint, Inc. introduces Contact The BoardTM, a new module in the EthicsPoint line of confidential and anonymous "hotline" reporting tools, which provides a powerful mechanism for Directors to capture, organize, and manage shareholder feedback.

Recent SEC deliberations have drilled down on the importance of shareholder feedback, with new proposals aimed at fortifying the communication flow between boards and their constituents. As a consequence, board members need an efficient and robust system to process this feedback in a simple but meaningful way.

Contact The Board applies state-of-the-art technology to both telephone and web-based reporting capabilities, making it universally available 24/7. Company shareholders can easily convey their concerns, insight, and opinions on proxy votes and other pertinent topics. Directors can capture feedback and quickly place it into a meaningful context. Contact The Board includes a comprehensive dashboard and statistical summary to help Directors track and better understand the dialogue. With periodic and concise updates, authorized recipients are consistently in touch with what shareholders are saying.

EthicsPoint President and CEO, David Childers, said, "Contact The Board is a very cost-effective way for organizations to confidently reach out to their shareholders in order to create transparency, build shareholder confidence, and gain insight into the tenor of their feedback."

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