CT Corporation MakesDelaware Franchise Tax Filing Easier

Thursday, January 1, 2004 - 00:00

As companies gear up for the annual Delaware franchise tax filing season, they now have the opportunity to significantly streamline the process using the enhanced Delaware e-filing tool on CTAdvantage.com, CT Corporation's web-based suite of tools to support corporate legal professionals. CT Corporation's Delaware e-filing tool, introduced earlier this year, allows corporate law departments to automate the historically time-consuming process of filing Delaware franchise tax filings for multiple entities.

Among the most significant enhancements being made for the 2004 filing season are new electronic payment options and automated features, allowing customers to complete multiple filings in four easy steps compared to the hours it can take to manually complete filings.

Using CT's Delaware e-filing tool, companies can copy data from one business entity to another, saving data entry time and reducing the risk for error. Additionally, they can prepare and file up to 100 of their entities in a single web session. Companies that use CT for registered agent services can even pre-populate their forms with entity records provided by the State of Delaware, allowing for virtually little or no data entry.