AccessData Introduces Quin-C, Next-Generation Capabilities for Conducting Digital Investigations

Tuesday, March 6, 2018 - 13:31
AccessData Group, a leading provider of integrated digital forensics and e-discovery software, announced the launch of Quin-C, a pioneering new solution that supports and guides the unique workflows of investigators, corporate investigative and legal teams, and forensic labs of all sizes.
The breakthrough product provides easy-to-use, visual forensic tools that empower users and transform their work environments. It is easily configurable, so different users—from forensics experts to novices—can see their data in the format and with the specific capabilities they need. Quin-C also offers advanced predictive analytics, so that users can automate more of the investigative process and tackle the challenge of ever-growing data sizes.
Named in tribute to Quincy, M.E., the popular television series regarding forensic pathology that aired from 1976 to 1983, the solution today offers four primary configurations: Quin-C Basic, Quin-C Investigator, Quin-C Legal and Quin-C Collaboration. Each offers a powerful yet flexible, highly customizable HTML5 UI, geared to the unique needs of users at every skill level, helping to dramatically increase efficiency.
“Our goal with this solution is to deliver a single, web-based user interface that is configurable to support all of the key constituents in the market, from individual users to large-scale labs and service providers,” said Tim Leehealey, Chief Evangelist of AccessData. “With its customizable interface and flexible modules that can be acquired based on individual needs, Quin-C is truly a next-generation software solution for conducting digital investigations.”
As with other AccessData® solutions, Quin-C delivers unmatched speed and scalability with powerful processing capabilities. It is fully able to operate independently or in conjunction with FTK®, Summation® and AD Lab; current users of these AccessData tools will not need additional hardware or software beyond the Quin-C license to run the new product.
Quin-C offers several groundbreaking capabilities, including cross-case analytics, powerful visualizations, new automations and data clustering for advanced analysis. Combining Quin-C with existing AccessData tools provides the fastest, most feature-rich solution available.
“I’m extremely proud of Quin-C and look forward to building as vibrant and as interactive a community as possible,” said Leehealey. “This product was designed in close connection with our forensics, corporate and legal users, and it’s exciting to see where this collaboration will take us in the coming years.”