Recommind Announces Alliance with Deloitte Discovery

Friday, April 22, 2016 - 13:30

Recommind, a leader in advanced analytics, today announced that Deloitte Discovery will deploy Recommind’s industry-leading Axcelerate platform, offering clients new choices in the way they address large data eDiscovery and investigation challenges.

Recommind’s Axcelerate platform will be available in Deloitte’s Electronic Discovery Solutions Center (EDSC), in a SaaS model for clients. Deloitte will also offer on-premise Axcelerate deployments and managed services behind clients’ firewalls.

Built on Recommind’s proprietary, highly scalable and language agnostic CORE engine, deploying Axcelerate is one more example of Deloitte’s innovative eDiscovery offerings, which include Dynamic Review.

“Whether they’re preparing for litigation or responding to regulatory inquiries, we want our clients to have access to innovative solutions and services designed to help reduce costs and mitigate risks,” said Sean Riley, principal in the discovery practice of Deloitte Transactions and Business Analytics LLP. “Axcelerate’s interactive visualizations and continuous machine learning will help our discovery professionals and clients to find the facts that matter quickly in large datasets, while prioritizing and expediting document review.”

“We pursued the alliance so our clients can leverage Deloitte’s top-tier eDiscovery services in jurisdictions around the world, offering access to our already scalable, language-agnostic and proprietary Axcelerate platform,” said Ellery Dyer, Vice President, Channel Development, Recommind.