April 7th at The Seeing Eye- Disabilities Prove Great Abilities in the Workplace: How Our Lives are Changed through Disability Inclusion

Thursday, January 7, 2016 - 13:57

Join us for a unique and heartwarming program… The Americans with Disabilities Act was enacted 25 years ago, and workers with disabilities often to this day still experience challenges in the workplace. The Association of Corporate Counsel New Jersey feels that lawyers not only have the obligation, but the ability to help people to understand that all workers and people of all abilities can contribute their maximum potential for the benefit of themselves, their employers, and the world at large.

The April 7th event will also allow us to describe and share the benefits that corporations and all workplaces can achieve when they ensure a diverse workforce in their community. Our panelists will be telling their stories and hope to make our audience realize the benefits to corporations (and to the world) of an inclusive workplace.


Location: The Seeing Eye10 Washington Valley Rd, Morristown, NJ 07960


8:30 breakfast served

9:00-11:00 Program (Introduction, Panelists, Questions)

11:00 networking (should people want to talk one on one – or if there are more questions)

12:00 program complete.



Below are the names of our panelists, and some brief bio information about each of you. We are overwhelmed with the caliber of panelists we have, both personally and professionally.


Meg Cimino



Jim Merklinger



Jim Kutsch






Henry Stifel




Lisa Frank




Please RSVP:Leslie.wolfson@accglobal.com