Guidance Software Inc. Releases EnCase® Forensic version 7.05; EnCase® eDiscovery v5

Friday, October 12, 2012 - 14:22

October 11, 2012 – Guidance Software Inc. has announced the release of EnCase® Forensic version 7.05, the fastest, most comprehensive digital forensic investigations product available. This latest version of the industry-standard forensics software features key enhancements that enable investigators to work with data sets earlier and faster in order to both begin and close cases faster than ever before.

EnCase Forensic has long been the industry-standard computer investigation solution for digital forensics practitioners who need to conduct efficient, forensically sound data collection and investigations using a repeatable and defensible process.

Speed enhancements in the EnCase Forensic v7.05 evidence processor have reduced significantly the processing time for both small and large data sets. Digital investigators can now rapidly process evidence files of virtually unlimited size, dramatically reducing case backlogs. With EnCase Forensic v7.05, investigators can uncover evidence up to nine times faster than previous versions using the greatly enhanced evidence processor. In fact, the company’s internal tests show that EnCase Forensic v7.05 forensically processes data faster than any other digital forensics product.

EnCase Forensic v7.05 also improves investigative efficiency by automating common investigation tasks and significantly reducing manual efforts. Prioritized processing lets users process an early subset of evidence and make it available more quickly for analysis by investigators. They can also choose to continue or to stop processing remaining evidence. Enhancements to the analytic capabilities of the product’s built-in Case Analyzer offer forensic examiners deeper insight into computer systems through higher-level reports on metadata and the ability to compare potentially related artifacts side by side. Examiners can establish hyperlinks to original documents and images within reports. In addition, the results of a keyword search can be viewed and analyzed while that search is ongoing.

With EnCase Forensic v7.05, data can be examined swiftly from the widest array of computers, smartphones and tablets of any forensics software. Devices from which data can be collected and examined include computers running Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac operating systems, as well as  smartphones and tablets running Android, Apple iOS, Palm, Nokia Symbian, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry operating systems.

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October 1, 2012 – Guidance Software Inc. has announced the release EnCase® eDiscovery v5, the newest version of its industry-leading e-discovery software. Strengthening its “Leader” position in Gartner’s 2012 Magic Quadrant for E-Discovery, Version 5 delivers a seamless integration with Guidance’s CaseCentral, the pioneer of cloud-based e-discovery review and production. With this new release, EnCase eDiscovery v5 gives in-house counsel control and oversight of every phase of the electronic discovery process, from legal hold, collection, preservation and early case assessment (ECA) to document review and production, significantly reducing the risk and cost of e-discovery.

With significant performance improvements delivered in v5 through new parallel-processing capabilities and enhanced search and indexing algorithms, EnCase eDiscovery extends its long-standing leadership as the fastest collection and processing e-discovery product.

With the combination of EnCase eDiscovery and CaseCentral, organizations can streamline their e-discovery business process.  The Guidance Software solution offers significant advantages by

  • providing real time visibility and management oversight of the end-to-end e-discovery process;
  • leveraging a unique multi-matter architecture that eliminates duplication of effort across cases and enabling e-discovery teams to reuse previous work product such as document coding and tagging or collected ESI; and
  • delivering a comprehensive e-discovery product that seamlessly uploads document sets and their associated metadata and attorney work product to a centralized legal repository.

EnCase eDiscovery v5 offers

  • a comprehensive, integrated e-discovery solution that exceeds corporate requirements for security, oversight, risk management, and compliance;
  • one-click upload to CaseCentral cloud review;
  • the fastest and most comprehensive collection and processing e-discovery product;
  • both early and continuous case assessment, enabling legal teams to quickly obtain necessary facts at any time from pre- through post-collection phases;
  • the ability to use the secure, scalable, cloud review capabilities of CaseCentral while keeping collection and preservation close to data and its custodians;
  • unparalleled search and identification capabilities for electronically stored information (ESI) across multiple digital platforms and devices; and
  • de-duplication across cases and comparison of current cases to previous matters to ensure that documents withheld in one matter are never produced in another.