New Strategic Partnership Improves Discovery Readiness

Thursday, June 28, 2012 - 14:00

VeDISCOVERY, LLC and Litigation Logistics, LLC have announced a new strategic partnership that will allow each of them to help existing and future clients dramatically lower costs as they improve the defensibility of their electronic discovery response capabilities.

Each company brings unique strengths to the partnership. Litigation Logistics helps organizations create and implement enterprise-wide information governance and discovery ready policies for electronically stored information. VeDISCOVERY provides end-to-end electronic discovery software and data hosting solutions. Together, they help corporations and law firms create proactive, holistic discovery-ready information governance processes.

As the amount of stored electronic documents and data in every organization continues to explode, and as corporations struggle to respond to ongoing discovery requirements, many now realize they need proactive, repeatable electronic discovery strategies and processes.

“The data discovery problem has simply gotten too big to respond to in a haphazard fashion,” said Ron Copfer, managing partner of VeDISCOVERY.  “Even small organizations must manage data spread over disparate departments and divisional silos as well as geographic locations.”

“I often see organizations struggling to respond to litigation, merger & acquisition or regulatory discovery requests because they do not have an enterprise-wide information governance and discovery readiness process in place,” said Richard Davis, CEO of Litigation Logistics. “They literally don’t know where documents are located or have the appropriate tools and processes in-place to collect and preserve them. As well, their existing processes are not defensible, repeatable or scalable,” he continued.

“In order to create defensible, repeatable and scalable discovery processes, organizations need effective, foundational, data governance policies,” mentions Mr. Copfer. “The information governance programs from Litigation Logistics provide assistance for creating, organizing and managing data. They identify the silos, and proactively answer the questions of who has what, where, when and in what file type that so often derail discovery or other data management projects.”

“What is really helpful for any organization responding to a discovery request is early data assessment (EDA.) EDA is different from early case assessment. EDA allows legal to understand who has what data before collection even takes place. This requires a solid information governance program to already be in-place.”

“Once an organization has a foundation of an effective enterprise-wide information governance program an electronic discovery solution like VeDISCOVERY’s is the best,” continued Mr. Davis. “VeDISCOVERY is one of the few discovery vendors that have a holistic, end-to-end solution that is scalable, repeatable and easy to use. What I particularly like is it puts control of much of the discovery process in to the hands of the corporate law team and minimizes the resource impact on the IT department.”

“That is the benefit of our partnership,” said Mr. Copfer. “Litigation Logistics is a world-class consultancy helping corporations develop comprehensive information governance policies. Once someone has an effective governance process, our job is easier, but more importantly the corporation’s cost and time to respond defensibly is greatly reduced,” he continued. “We believe the VeDISCOVERY and Litigation Logistics partnership provides a profound opportunity for companies and law firms moving forward.”