Fast-Growing VeDISCOVERY, LLC Emerges From Parent

Friday, February 24, 2012 - 11:52

On its first day of business, VeDISCOVERY LLC has hundreds of customers using its suite of proven e-Discovery applications and a forecast for significant growth in 2012. VeDISCOVERY is no startup. It has been developing and marketing e-Discovery systems for nearly a decade as part of Visual Evidence/eDiscovery LLC, a 25-year-old Cleveland-based litigation services company.

Now VeDISCOVERY has its independence: it and Visual Evidence are sister companies following a separation announced March 1.

“We made VeDISCOVERY an independent company because the electronic discovery market is growing rapidly with software as a service (SaaS) solutions like ours leading the way,” said Ron Copfer, co-founder and CEO of both firms. “The new structure makes it clearer for clients and enables our people in each operation to focus on their brands and business.”

Mr. Copfer says VeDISCOVERY’s growth is fueled by its focus on helping corporations bring a repeatable, effective and defensible process for managing electronic discovery in-house.

“Lawsuits are increasing and electronic documents stored in businesses are expected to almost double this year from last,” Mr. Copfer said. “Corporations want a cost-effective and defensible way to control electronic discovery costs not just for one but for every relevant litigation threat. We provide that in a complete cloud-based system.”

The current VeDISCOVERY applications suite includes VeHOLD with VeAGENT, VeANALYTICS and VeREVIEW.

“We can work with companies wherever they are in the development of their eDiscovery process,” Mr. Copfer said. “We know some companies are just getting started and some are well on their way to bringing it in house. We can integrate with them at practically any point in the e-Discovery process or with practically any application they might use.”

But Mr. Copfer said how the company supports clients is as critical as the completeness and quality of VeDISCOVERY’s solutions.

“When you’re a client, a project manager is dedicated to supporting your e-Discovery process,” he said. “And the support is there whenever needed.”

Most companies use VeDISCOVERY applications as SaaS and host the collected data on VeDISCOVERY’s storage servers, Mr. Copfer said.

“Our cloud-based e-Discovery applications can be implemented quickly while minimizing the load on corporate IT staff and resources. You can install the suite or the individual application. Our litigation hold product, VeHOLD can filter out unrelated files early in the hold process to reduce downstream costs while maintaining defensibility.”

Clients can also install the applications and store the files behind their own firewalls. Both approaches provide a scalable, flexible and modular solution, Mr. Copfer said.

“The SaaS route is increasingly popular because it is an expense rather than a capital investment and has minimal impact on existing IT resources.”

Either way, Mr. Copfer said, the company’s applications provide a huge improvement over complying with electronics evidence requirements through conventional labor intensive and potentially non-defensible manual procedures.

“By establishing a repeatable process for electronic discovery, our clients have discovered they can reduce the effort to find, hold and review documents and e-mails and produce them for opposing counsel.”