CaseCentral Announces eDiscovery Connector

Tuesday, March 2, 2010 - 01:00

CaseCentral, the leader in secure, on-demand eDiscovery software for corporate counsel and law firms to simplify and take control of eDiscovery, today announced a new connector that integrates Symantec Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator with the cloud-based CaseCentral eDiscovery Platform. The integration between these two solutions eliminates the need for IT and legal departments to manually export and upload large amounts of data for legal review and reclaims the days and weeks spent processing data. Clients using the new connector will bypass EDD processing fees for data moved into CaseCentral from Enterprise Vault and simplify the handoff process, removing risk by eliminating the opportunity for error.

Many IT and legal departments already use Symantec Enterprise Vault to meet Information Management and Preservation needs, and use Symantec Discovery Accelerator to extend the search functionality of Enterprise Vault's email and file archiving software. Discovery Accelerator enables organizations to quickly conduct searches across the archive and quickly review for a litigation request, regulatory request or internal investigation. Once searches have been conducted, the connector automatically exports the results to the cloud-based CaseCentral eDiscovery Platform for legal teams to perform early case assessment, analysis, review and production.

"Automating and integrating the flow of data between enterprise archives and legal review tools will provide significant benefits to legal and compliance teams," said Dorothea Kennedy, ValueAct Capital. "The goal of this integration would be to provide greater control and transparency, as well as reduced cost and risk."