WinScribe Announces Release Of WinScribe Dictation Version 4.0

Tuesday, September 1, 2009 - 00:00

WinScribe, the market innovator in digital dictation, transcription, and workflow management solutions announced today the release of the newest version of its award-winning digital dictation workflow management suite: WinScribe Dictation Version 4.0.

WinScribe Dictation Version 4.0 has many new key features some of which include a new secretary client that provides easier identification on dictations, easier team working, and an enhanced dictation job filtering option. The release also provides improved control of organization workload through advanced reporting tools and the ability to upload dictations from a wider array of manufacturer independent input devices.

WinScribe has enhanced its mobility suite with this release as well. It is now possible to upload dictations from WinScribe's popular dictation application for BlackBerry Smartphones using the BlackBerry device as a USB device granting users the ability to quickly upload dictations captured on the device without having to rely on wireless signal strength or availability in order to do so.

Philips, a strategic partner of WinScribe, is offering a trade-in initiative in conjunction with the release of this new version. Under this promotion, current WinScribe customers that upgrade to Version 4.0 can return older dictation hardware from any manufacturer and receive the latest product from Philips at significantly discounted prices.Clients interested in taking advantage of this promotion are encouraged to contact their WinScribe Sales Representative or Authorized WinScribe Partner for more information.