Butler Snow Leverages WinScribe To Make More Efficient Use Of Staff Resources

Tuesday, March 31, 2009 - 01:00

WinScribe, the market innovator in digital dictation, transcription, and workflow management solutions announced that Butler, Snow, O'Mara, Stevens and Cannada, PLLC has deployed WinScribe in an effort to boost support staff efficiency and allow the firm to do more with less.

Attorneys have replaced their analog tape recorders with Olympus digital handheld devices. WinScribe's digital dictation workflow management system allowed the firm to restructure its support staff team into a centralized group that handles transcription more efficiently than previously. Dictation is automatically routed to the group and processed as received.

Butler Snow has also adopted WinScribe's Nuance integrated speech recognition to further enhance productivity. With server-side speech recognition, the speech recognition process is carried out at the server level unbeknownst to the attorney. The attorney simply records his or her dictation as usual, and the recording is converted to recognized text within the server. No special words or phrases are required so attorney work practices are completely unaffected.

WinScribe's server-side speech recognition technology deploys automated adaptation technologies to allow continual accuracy improvement without adding overhead to the transcriptionists' workflow. As a result, secretaries simply proofread an automatically produced text document rather than typing the document from scratch.