LexisNexis Introduces Technology To Enhance Budgeting Process

Tuesday, March 31, 2009 - 00:00

LexisNexis has announced the introduction of Redwood Budgeting from its Redwood Analytics suite of industry-leading business performance analytics software tools for law firms. This new capability is an example of a technology innovation that helps financial officers and senior executives at law firms to: take more control of their budgeting, planning and forecasting process; consolidate budgets and forecasts; conduct "what if" testing and variance analysis; deliver optimized workflow processes for the firm, and deep visibility into the fiscal implications of fundamental business decisions.

The new offering is made possible by an exclusive partnership agreement recently struck between LexisNexis and Satori Group. Satori Group's V-i- Performance Planning budget module will now be delivered to the legal services marketplace exclusively by LexisNexis and will power the new Redwood Budgeting offering. Redwood Budgeting combines the planning and analytic rigor of Redwood Analytics with the best in breed technology offered by Satori Group.

For more information about how firms are using technology to streamline and improve their business analytics or about the partnership between LexisNexis and Satori Group for Redwood Budgeting, please contact john. michaels@lexisnexis.com.