Westlaw Business Launches Restructuring Center

Monday, September 1, 2008 - 00:00

With the shifts in the economic climate this year, many corporations are turning to trusted legal counsel for options before making tough decisions about how to best restructure. To better serve business law professionals in providing this counsel, Westlaw Business has introduced the new Restructuring Center.

The Westlaw Business Restructuring Center is an innovative, comprehensive resource and the first of its kind. It contains the in-practice agreements and expert guidance necessary to help counsel meet the challenges facing their clients, whether they are companies in distress or their creditors.

The Westlaw Business Restructuring Center provides: Restructuring Navigator, which is a roadmap to both drive and implement decisions on the issues that arise during a restructuring or work-out;precedent agreements that contain insight into key language often found in restructurings, work-outs and bankruptcies; legal due diligence reports that include vital material agreements; checklists and guides supporting work-outs, securities, UCC, tax implications and employee termination; and guidanceon restructurings and work-outs.

To learn more about the Westlaw Business Restructuring Center, call its business law research experts at 1.800.669.1154 or visit westlawbusiness.com.